Enhancement Detail (Stage 2)

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Enhancement Detail (Stage 2)

This service offers a two stage paint correction with the aim to remove more severe surface imperfections, swirl marks & holograms. It is achieved by selecting an aggressive pad and polish compound that attacks the vehicles paint type in the safest manner, this will allow efficient removal of the imperfections present. This service firstly gets to the core of the problems quicker due to choice of pad and polish, secondly it deepens gloss levels, and adds great depth and clarity to the paintwork, it is not uncommon for the customer to say they can’t believe it has changed so drastically.


  • Alloy wheels are thoroughly cleaned using specific wheel brushes to reach all areas.
  • A multi stage safe wash process is completed on the wheels to safely removing bonded contaminates.
  • The vehicle undergoes a pre-wash where the car is blanketed in a cleansing foam which softens and lifts dirt and grime.
  • The vehicle is then washed using the 2 bucket method, grit guards and a lamb’s wool wash mitts to guard against inflicting surface defects.
  • Any tar spots & contaminates are removed using various products and the car is then fully clayed to remove bonded surface contaminates that the previous wash stages failed to remove.
  • The vehicle is then dried with plush drying towels which extract water off the surface with minimal surface contact reducing the chance of adding any further damage.
  • The car is then treated to its first stage, a “cutting” process which is used with a minor abrasive compound to correct any imperfections in the paintwork, this will see the removal of swirl marks, holograms or any other foreign contaminates on the surface.
  • The second stage is designed to add extra clarity and depth to the colours of the paint.
  • The vehicle is then panel wiped with an alcohol based cleaner to strip any oils from the compounding process which may affect how the protection bonds to the paintwork.
  • We then apply a wax protection (see below for upgrade options) *
  • Glass and mirrors are cleaned inside and out with a the exterior glass being treated with protection.
  • Alloys are treated with a wheel sealant to help prevent brake dust re-bonding.
  • Exhaust is polished.
  • Tyres are dressed to leave a natural new look.
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